Qingdao HUASU Machinery Fabricate Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of plastic pipes and plastic pipe related machinery. Our base of operations is located within the Jiaozhou District of Qingdao city. The company property span 50000m2, of which 35000 is occupied by production facilities. As a modern-day plastic machinery enterprise, our corporate infrastructure is fully integrated with aspects of development, production, distribution, and service. We specialize in PE and PVC double wall corrugated pipe line and other associated pipe equipment. Our products have passed both the CE certification and the ISO9000 international quality system certification. We have export destinations in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States, among other countries and regions.

Our company strives for innovation through progressive development. Years of industry experience has allowed us to infuse advanced technologies from both domestic and foreign sources into our repertoire. We utilize this expertise to provide clients with excellent product development and design services. Our unique design solutions have garnered the approval of customers everywhere.

The Huasu Group has an exceptional management staff, a well-funded research and development team, advanced production equipment, and modern office spaces. Production and processing equipment is upgraded on a regular basis. We have over one hundred sets of processing machinery including dozens of CNC drilling machines, large format gantry type machining centers, and imported horizontal and vertical high precision CNC processing centers. Also at our disposal are the lathe and the high precision plane boring and grinding machines. These types of advanced equipment allow us to achieve a high degree of automation, which increases product quality and manufacturing accuracy while reducing the possibility of errors.

Huasu Machinery was the first domestic company to successfully develop the horizontal chain transmission Ф38-Ф200mm double-walled corrugated pipe production line. In 2004 we introduced the Ф200-Ф500mm model. In 2005 we launched the Ф500-Ф800mm model with a horizontal structural orientation, complete with shuttle transmission. In 2006 we unveiled China’s first Ф38-Ф63mm model with chain transmission.

In 2007 we developed the Ф800-Ф1200mm model with shuttle transmission and Siemens PLC control. This machine adopts a servo motor with the belling online system and sealed water cooling, providing clients with the best-in-class performance. As one of our most popular models, it is widely distributed all over the world. In 2008, we introduced the Ф3000mm dual-flat-panel large-diameter steel belt winding pipe production line.

In anticipation of developing world trends, we launched a new type of production line in 2009. It manufactured eco-friendly energy-efficient foam insulated corrugated pipeline for water and heat transfer. These products were met with an unprecedented level of success, garnering the interest of clients from far and wide. Through independent development and perseverance, we have entered the world stage with a grand entrance. Huasu pipe company owns 12 single/double-walled corrugated pipe production lines for Ф32-Ф1500mm pipes and 6 double flat-steel belt-winding pipe production lines for Ф300-Ф3000m pipes. Additionally, we have 12 production lines for Ф16-Ф1200mm communication pipes and gas or water supply pipes. The annual revenue generated by these production lines amount to 300 million RMB.

The Huasu Group is a world-class enterprise that strives to provide customers with the highest quality products and the most sincere services. Our potential for innovation is foreshadowed by our ample research and development capabilities. We gain the trust of clients through the integrity of our products and the thoroughness of our after-sales services. You are witnessing a famous brand in the making.

Our past accomplishments provide us with confidence for future endeavors. Join us in cooperation, reach for a better tomorrow!


No. 8 Haier Road
Jiaozhou Bay industry Zone
Qingdao Jiaozhou City
P. R. China

Email: huasu@qdhuasu.com